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Turn your audience into a community

Nice to meet you. We are CLIQ - or by our real names - Avinoam and Tovi.

We take businesses, firms and organizations and turn them into human brands.

As part of our services, we build and design websites, create and manage communities, build customer journeys and create a prominent digital presence.

We work with high intensity - define clear goals and achieve results.

If you feel a click with what you're reading - it's time to talk to us. We will be happy to give you personal consultation and turn your business into an authentic brand with excellent user experience. A brand that customers will connect with, around which we will create a quality community of customers.

האתרים שלנו

A taste of our websites

א.ש. שמרון, י. מלכו, פרסקי ושות.png

א.ש. שמרון, י. מלכו, פרסקי ושות'

משרד עו"ד ירושלמי ותיק

א.ש. שמרון, י. מלכו, פרסקי ושות (2).png

Inner Circle

An international company for managing brand ambassadors


Our Interest

An association for the promotion of competition in Israel

א.ש. שמרון, י. מלכו, פרסקי ושות (1).png

QDB real estate company

A property management, maintenance and sales company for Israelis in Cyprus

א.ש. שמרון, י. מלכו, פרסקי ושות (3).png

אתר E-commerce עם דגש על קהילת משתמשים

הקהילת שבנינו

A taste of our communities

369,880 members in the online communities we established

Green Orange and Yellow Illustration Personal Finance Facebook Cover (2).png

262,000 members



6,000 members


download (2).png

202,000 members


159609829_10157583572312063_87888758102939880_n (2).jpg

4,000 members



Giora Mendel

CEO and founder of BOOM25

CLIQ were dedicated to the process and built the marketing infrastructure for QDB in the most professional and thorough way! The content of the site was accurate and emphasized our advantages very well. We are very satisfied with the results they delivered.


Tchiya Whitman

Co-founder of rooga

Avinoam and Tovi accompanied us and our business for several months. Thanks to them, our website was upgraded on several levels and we were able to refine our value to our customers.

They have extensive knowledge in the field of marketing and familiarity with different and varied marketing platforms. They are creative, committed to customers, with excellent human relations. In addition, full of energy and motivation to lead to success.

Shirly Granon

Director of the "Besaristim" community 

When we were looking to open a virtual community for Marindo, I received a warm recommendation about Avinoam as an experienced community manager. We started a process of building a community with Avinoam, a thorough professional process tailored to our personal needs. The process included preparation for the opening of the community and of course the ongoing building of the community. Everything was done with a smile and very professionally. There is no doubt that Avinoam has a lot of experience and is the right man for this task.

What is our story?


When was the last time a person fell in love on your site?


Nice to meet you - we are "CLIQ", or in our real names - Avinoam and Tovi.

We take companies and businesses and turn them into human brands. Not another gray distant business that just sells a service or product - an authentic brand with real character and personality. A brand that people can connect with. A brand that people see themselves as part of.

This is what people are looking for today - connection, authenticity and a personal touch. 

Around these brands brand we build websites and thriving user communities.

The sites are a basis for building these communities that serve as an intelligent, modern, creative and very profitable  marketing channel. These digital communities bring in money and customers, but you need to know how to build them correctly, and that's what we're here for.

We will turn your business into a brand with a converting website and a highly engaged user community, and thus your business will turn into a familiar and authentic brand with a special, colorful and addictive user experience .

We have rich experience in marketing both in the global market and in the Israeli market.
We have a team of specific experts just waiting to answer every marketing and professional need.

We work with high intensity - define clear goals and achieve results.
We have built many business communities, and the largest of them has 263k members - one of the largest communities in the UK in the field of e-commerce. A community with 74% engagement.

So if you feel a click with what you're reading - it's time to talk to us.
We will be happy to give you personal consultation and turn your business into an authentic brand with excellent user experience. A brand that customers will connect with.


Our services

Branding  and design

We refine the messages and qualities of our clients to build branding and a brand book that match the values of the target audience and the specific field they are aimed at.



We work with the most advanced systems to create effective customer journeys and automated mailing mechanisms.

Community building

We have rich experience and years of research and development of building and managing online communities. We believe in developing organic marketing as part of the marketing strategy of brands



We manage end-to-end campaigns, each campaign includes planning and research, execution, optimization and reporting.

Website building & UX/UI design

We build up-to-date and professional websites that convey the exact messages of our customers.

In the process of building a website, we focus on a thorough characterization, adapted to the needs of the brand in order to express the specific purpose of each part of the website

Influencer marketing

We build and manage campaigns in collaboration with influencers to strengthen credibility, raise awareness and appeal to diverse target audiences.

272911052_5128339990520537_422368336345577759_n (1)_edited.png

Tovi Cohen-Medalion

  • LinkedIn

Tobi Medalion Cohen is an expert in marketing and brand management. She has extensive experience in characterizing and developing successful websites. Her career has included helping companies, investors and employees make better business decisions related to messaging accuracy, improving user experience, affiliate marketing and B2B sales.


Avinaam Abramowitz

  • LinkedIn

Avinoam Abramowitz is an international marketing expert with extensive experience in campaign management, community management and development, guerrilla marketing and email marketing. As CMO of an e-commerce startup, he built an online community of over 260,000 members.


Our Customers

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